9 May 2019

Polaris ACE 150 2017-2018

The Hazard!

Some 2017-2018 ACE 150 vehicles may have been assembled using an incorrect torque value for the lock nuts on the lower ball joints of the front suspension. If a vehicle was assembled with the incorrect torque value, the ball joint stud may fail and allow the control arm to separate from the ball joint, posing a potential crash hazard.

What to do...

Stop operating the vehicle and contact your Polaris dealer to schedule an appointment to have inspection and repair completed where necessary. Polaris has also contacted all identified owners. Note: the recall was commenced in August 2018 and you may have heard from Polaris at that time.

Product Identifiers

Potentially affected vehicles sold at Polaris dealers from October 2016 to August 2018 Polaris model year 2017 & 2018 ACE 150 Off road side by side youth recreational vehicles.

Supplier Contact

Polaris New Zealand


Responsible Agency