30 December 2016

Polaris Sportsman 570 model year 2014-2016

The Hazard!

Air box intake snorkel that may come in contact with the fuel rail or fuel line during operation. The resulting contact between the snorkel and fuel rail or fuel line may cause a fuel leak that may pose a fire hazard.

What to do...

Please contact your local Polaris dealer at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment to have the bulletin completed. Customers will be sent a letter from Polaris in regards to what needs to be done.

Product Identifiers

Polaris Sportsman UTE All Terrain Vehicle. Model numbers: A14MX5ETH A15SUH57AH A16SUC57C1 A16SUE57F1 A16SUH57N6 A16SUS57C1

Supplier Contact

Polaris New Zealand


Responsible Agency