8 April 2019

Real Flame Pyrotech - open flue space heater

The Hazard!

Under certain circumstances the heaters can produce too much carbon monoxide. High levels of carbon monoxide can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and possible serious health affects.

What to do...

Stop using your space heater and contact Glen Dimplex New Zealand, whom will arrange for the appliance to be checked by a qualified gas fitter. If heating is required before testing can be carried out by a qualified gasfitter, please use other sources.

Product Identifiers

Sold at specialist heating dealers from January 2012 to June 2018 Real Flame's 'Pyrotech' gas-log Open flued space heater Approval Number: GMK10092 Pyrotech models: PRYODLIB, PYROIB, PYROIBNG, PYROIBLPG, PYRODLIBNG & PYRODLIBLPG

Supplier Contact

Glen Dimplex New Zealand



Responsible Agency