13 June 2019

Revelate Designs Bicycle Seat Bags -
Terrapin System 14L

The Hazard!

If one of both of the rear hooks are not properly tensioned it is possible they can disengage from their loops and entangle in the rear wheel potentially causing loss of control of the bike and posing a crash hazard to the rider.

What to do...

If you own one of the affected bags please use the website link below to start the return process. Once you have filled out the form, Revelate Designs will then send you further instructions and help to organise for your bag to be repaired - making a minor modification to the bag to ensure that the hooks cannot easily fall from the loops and also providing a free replacement of the hooks with a stronger model.

Product Identifiers

Sold from December 2018 to April 2019 14L 2019 Terrapin System: easily identified by a pair of hooks on the top rear of the bag. Includes products with skus numbers: RD-094-449, RD-094-454, RD-094-455 and RD-094-457. No other similar products are affected.

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