6 July 2018

Scenik Glass Fencing - hinge replacement

The Hazard!

On some gates, the closing mechanism may not work as expected and the gate may not close behind you as designed. If the gate stays open and the owner is unaware, it will not prevent unsupervised access to the pool area. If a young child accesses to the pool area, unsupervised, it may lead to a drowning risk.

What to do...

Check if your gate is working correctly and closing as expected (see instructions below). If it is not closing as it should - take precautions to make sure it is manually closed each time, a reminder sign on the gate for example. If it is working as expected, Storetech would like you to contact them to let them know.

Product Identifiers

Sold from 2016 to June 2018 SCEHS Standard Hinge, glass-to-glass SCEGWHS Standard Hinge, glass-to-wall SCEHPHS High Performance glass-to-glass SCEHPGWHS High Performance Hinge, glass-to-wall To check your gate and hinge: Open the gate to 150mm from the latched position, and then let go, it must self-close and latch. Check it repeats 3 times. If your gate fails this test on any of the 3 attempts, you need a new hinge.

Supplier Contact

Storetech Industries Ltd


0800 235 2473


Responsible Agency