2 December 2021

Schneider - Compact NSX Circuit breakers 400 to 630Amp

The Hazard!

The product may contain a nonconforming component that could result in the circuit breaker not operating as intended under certain conditions.

The issue can cause overheating to connected cables and potential heat damage under certain overcurrent conditions which could result in a fire or arc flash in rare circumstances.

No incidents of property damage or injury have been reported globally. The action was enacted after internal testing of components.

What to do...

Contact Schneider Electric customer service, installed units can only be repaired by Schneider Electric Services or Schneider approved service contractors.

For any questions or more information contact Schneider Electric NZ 

Product Identifiers

Sold via Schneider Electric NZ from May 2019 to April 2021

Schneider Compact NSX Circuit breakers, 400 to 630Amp

The product is fitted into panel boards and installed by panel board builders, mostly in larger buildings or commercial facilities

Other Schneider Circuit breaker models have also been recalled overseas. These were not supplied in NZ

Supplier Contact

Schneider Electric NZ


Responsible Agency