15 December 2020

Sea to Summit Alpha Pot and Sigma Pot

The Hazard!

The black Nylon latch that holds the handle in place may disengage when pouring to the right (i.e. using left hand to pour).

If the latch disengages, the pot may become unstable and pose a burn or scald hazard.

What to do...

Before using your pot check if it has a screw in the latch (as pictured).

Stop using the pot if there is no screw and contact Southern Approach for a free replacement latch (Step 2).

If your pot has a screw in the latch you do not need to do anything and can continue to use as normal.

Product Identifiers

Potentially affected range sold from December 2018 to Decmeber 2020

Recalled pots identified by checking the latch - the affected pots do not have a screw in the latch).

Responsible Agency