15 January 2021

ITW - Septone Fibreglass Repair Kit

The Hazard!

The substance can leak from the cap of the MEKP Catalyst bottle.

The MEKP Catalyst is flammable and can also cause skin and/or eye irritation.

What to do...

Contact ITW for information around handling and storing the MEKP Catalyst bottle, and also to arrange for it to be collected and for a refund, store credit, or gift card.

Product Identifiers

Sold at Super Cheap Auto in July and August 2020

Septone Fibreglass Repair Kit:
The recall specifically affects the Septone MEKP Catalyst 20mL, a chemical resin hardener supplied in the Septone Fibreglass Repair Kit
Septone MEKP Catalyst 20mL - Batch Number LF09742

The recall does not affect any other ITW Repair Kits.

Supplier Contact

ITW Polymers and Fluids

09 272 1945


Responsible Agency