15 July 2020

SolarImmersion© MKIV Power Diverter

The Hazard!

If an electrical fault and overheating occur, the PVC cover may catch fire.

What to do...

Stop using your SolarImmersion until the PVC Cover has been replaced by the new Metal Cover: 

Homeowners and Consumers:

Contact your registered electrician or installer/contractor that installed the SolarImmersion unit to organise to replace the PVC cover with the Metal Cover.

Contractors and Installers:

Contact Enhanced Energy and replacement Metal Covers will be sent to you at no charge: Replace the PVC Cover with the supplied Metal Cover.

Product Identifiers

Units installed from October 2015 to April 2019.

SolarImmersion© MKIV Power Diverter

  • Power Diverter has a PVC clear plastic cover

Supplier Contact

Enhanced Energy Limited

0800 800 306


Responsible Agency