22 July 2019

Some 250ml cans of Poly Paint Stripper
Sold at Bunnings Warehouse

The Hazard!

The neck on the spout of the 'can' may come apart from the body, resulting in the paint stripper leaking out. If the paint stripper comes into contact with your skin and eyes, irritation may result. The first aid instructions provided on the container that advise flushing with water for several minutes should be followed.

What to do...

Put on latex or rubber gloves and check the batch number (printed on the lid of the product) of any of your 250ml cans. If the batch number starts with 9, while still wearing the gloves, tape the lid to the can with duct tape or other similar tape, place the can in a plastic bag and in a box or carton in an upright position and return it to the nearest Bunnings store for a refund. For more information contact Poly Customer Service.

Product Identifiers

Potentially affected Cans sold at Bunnings Warehouse from January to July 2019 Poly Paint Stripper in 250ml cans with a batch number that starts with 9 The batch number is printed on the top of the 'can'. Other sized Cans are not affected 250ml Cans with batch number starting in a number other than 9 are unaffected.

Supplier Contact

Poly Customer Service

0800 735 539


Responsible Agency