7 August 2019

Spark - Wireless landline power back-up

The Hazard!

Some power units have incorrectly placed wiring that cause the power back-up unit to overheat. If the unit overheats, it may lead to a fire.

What to do...

Unplug your power-back up by following the steps in the images above and contact Spark to organise for it to be picked up or return it too your nearest Spark store. If you require help to unplug your power-back up unit, contact spark and they will send someone out to help you.

Product Identifiers

'Power back-ups’ supplied with Spark wireless landlines from March to August 2019. A total of 14,000 affected wireless landline power back-ups were supplied. A power back-up is the black box between the wireless landline connection box and the wall socket, also known as Spigate Uninterrupted Power supply. Wireless connection boxes and phones supplied with the power back-up are not affected. Your landline will continue to work without a power back-up. But it’s important to remember that it won’t work if there’s a power cut. Please contact Spark if you’re concerned about this and they will what they can to help.