3 September 2019

Stihl trimmer heads: Polycut 27-3 and 47-3

The Hazard!

Quality tests have revealed that the screw connections of these trimmer heads may come loose in operation. As a result it is possible that moving parts could fly off. If moving parts fly off, there will be a risk of injury to the user or bystanders.

What to do...

Do not use the trimmer head again! Please return the trimmer head to your local STIHL dealer for a refund. Please take this action in the interest of your own safety. If you have any questions please contact your local STIHL dealer.

Product Identifiers

Products sold through Stihl stores and Stockists in 2018 and 2019 STIHL PolyCut 27-3 STIHL PolyCut 47-3

Supplier Contact

STIHL Limited



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