30 October 2019

Thule Omnistor TO 8000/9200 and 230V Motor Kit

The Hazard!

The drive wheel of the Nice 230V tubular motor can separate itself from the motor, causing an inadvertent and uncontrolled opening of the awning. If the RV awning opens inadvertently while driving it may increase the risk of crash to the RV or other road users.

What to do...

Stop driving RVs with the Thule motor installed on the awning, there is a possibility of the awning opening inadvertently. Contact RV Supplies to organise an appointment for the RV to be retrofitted with new components that eliminate the hazard, RV Supplies will also provide a kit that enables the awning to be secured properly before driving to the repair location. RV Supplies has also contacted all identified owners in New Zealand.

Product Identifiers

Sold from June 2016 to August 2019 Thule Omnistor TO 9200 (with integrated motor) Thule Omnistor TO 8000 (with integrated motor) Thule 230V Motor Kit for TO 8000 and TO 9200 The product is an electrical motor that powers RV awnings. The motor is integrated into some TO 9200 awnings, and the TO 8000 awnings, and is also sold as a separate Motor Kit.

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