27 June 2018

Toshiba 2-pin AC Adapter

The Hazard!

The material contained within the plug can deteriorate over time. If the material has deteriorated and the DC-IN plug of the AC adapter overheats, it may lead to a fire.

What to do...

Stop using your adapter and register to return it for a free replacement. Use the 'identified part numbers' and the Toshiba website below to check if your adapter is affected and also to register for the replacement.

Product Identifiers

Sold to business customers from July 2011 to October 2015. Consumers may have purchased the affected models 2nd-hand from July 2011 2-pin AC adapters supplied with certain Toshiba Notebooks (3-pin adapters are not affected) Affected AC adapter part numbers are: G71C0009S210, G71C0009T110, G71C0009T116 and G71C0009T210 (see red dotted line in image above to identify where to find your part number)

Supplier Contact

Toshiba Client Solutions ANZ Pty Limited


0800 445 439

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