7 July 2020

TOYOTA PRIUS, PRIUS V, AURIS, Various years 2013-2018

The Hazard!

Hybrid IPM:  Repeated driving under certain identified high-load driving patterns (e.g., from a stop, applying nearly full throttle and then gradually further accelerating to full throttle) could cause higher thermal stress in specific transistors in the IPM, resulting in damage to those transistors over time.  There is a possibility of the hybrid system shutting down instead of entering a failsafe driving mode which could result in the vehicle losing motive power while driving at higher speeds, possibly increasing the risk of an accident.  NOT ALL VEHICLES IN THE MODEL YEARS ARE INVOLVED.

What to do...

As an owner of an involved vehicle, you will be contacted by registered letter requesting you to contact your nearest authorised Toyota Dealer to arrange a convenient time to have the repairs completed.  Alternatively, contact Toyota's Customer Dialogue Centre to discuss

Product Identifiers

PRIUS 2013 - 2015, PRIUS V 2014 - 2018, AURIS 2014 - 2018 (Hybrid Variants only)

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Toyota NZ Ltd



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