25 September 2020

Bunnings - TRAILPRO Trailers (ALL MODELS)

The Hazard!

The trailer’s drawbar may break at the front attachment where it bolts to the chassis, leading to failure and detachment of the drawbar. Heavy or frequent commercial use may accelerate this hazard.

Detachment of the drawbar poses significant safety hazards to other road users and bystanders.

What to do...

All Trailpro trailers have an identification plate on the side of the trailer’s drawbar (as shown in the photo). Check to confirm if it’s a Trailpro trailer, and if so, stop using it and contact Bunnings to organise a refund.

NZTA-appointed inspectors have been instructed to not issue WoFs on affected models.

Published March 3rd 2020. Updated 25th September 2020.

Product Identifiers

Sold at Bunnings from December 2005 to October 2018

Trailpro 7x4 Handyman – Model no. TP1 (A-frame drawbar)
Trailpro 500 5X3 – Model no. TP6 (Single drawbar)
Trailpro Weekender (A-frame drawbar).
Trailpro 8x4 Tradesman – Model no. TP5 (A-frame drawbar)
Trailpro 8x5 Tandem – Model no. TP8 (A frame drawbar)

If you have received a Bunnings approved repair on your 8x4 and 8x5 trailer and the serial no. ends with an “R”, you are not required to take any further action.

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