3 July 2019

VGP Gas Safety Shut-Off Valve

The Hazard!

Due to a misaligned tool used in the production of the guide tube, there is a potential of a crack to open at the base of the guide tube. As at the recall posting date the issue has been reported to Elster in two units globally and neither incident resulted in injury or property damage. Leaking gas poses a potential explosion hazard if an ignition source is present.

What to do...

Check for leaking gas. If found, take immediate safety actions to reduce the risk of explosion. Following that, contact Combustion Control for a replacement kit or request a service engineer to repair the valve. Combustion Control has contacted all identified end owners in New Zealand to organise replacement kits.

Product Identifiers

Supplied by Combustion Control from November 2014 to March 2019 Manufactured by Elster GmbH

Supplier Contact

Combustion Control Ltd


Elster GmbH

Responsible Agency