31 May 2021

Yamaha WaveRunner (2021)

The Hazard!

A poorly install sensor in the shut-off switch assembly may allow water to seep inside the switch housing and cause corrosion, an intermittent connection and a potential failure of the engine shut-off switch.

If the shut-off switch does not work, the engine may not stop when the lanyard is pulled. This switch is designed for emergency situations and the failure of it could result in a failure to avoid an accident and injury.

What to do...

When parts are available in June and July 2021 you will be asked by Yamaha to contact your nearest WaveRunner dealership to organise for an inspection and repair.

For more information contact Yamaha NZ via 0800 926 242 or cr@yamaha-motor.com.au

Product Identifiers

Sold by Authorised Yamaha Dealers from November 2020 to April 2021

Yamaha WaveRunner model year 2021
VX1050A-W and VX1050E-W, VX1800A-W and VX1800C-W, GP1800A-W, GP1800B-W

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