9 September 2019

ZERO Dusky Steel cable retractor (model: CR-30)

The Hazard!

The internal retracting spring which controls the retraction of the steel cable can potentially detach itself from its retained position when fully tensioned. If the spring becomes unsecured the steel cable may fail to retract or become entangled within the unit increasing the risk of a fall. The steel cable does not detach from the unit itself, it is the internal spring mechanism to controls the retracting action which is malfunctioning.

What to do...

Do not use until you have checked the date of manufacture (DOM). If the date is between January and March 2019 or if you cannot identify the date of manufacture STOP using the device and return to the supplier where purchased for testing. - Where unaffected, it will be returned to you. - Where affected, a refund will be provided or alternatively, replacements will become available by early November 2019

Product Identifiers

Potentially affected units sold from January to August 2019 Affected date of manufacturer: January 2019 to March 2019 The date of manufacture (DOM) is located on a sticker on the shell of the product. Devices sold prior to December 2018 or outside of the specified date of manufacture are not affected by the recall. ZERO CR-30 Dusky Steel Cable Retractor The Dusky Steel retractable device can be used as part of a personal fall protection system that connects to either the front or rear D on a safety harness and extends to the anchorage point.

Supplier Contact

PBI Height Safety

0800 357 003


Responsible Agency