COVID-19: New Zealand has moved to the traffic light system. See information about recalls during Red and Orange.

For information on what the traffic light setting is in your region, see the Unite Against COVID-19 website.

Retail businesses are not required to use My Vaccine Passes, but they may opt to do so to protect their staff and others.  

The Unite Against COVID-19 website provides information on how businesses can operate at different settings and guidelines for shopping safely.

Shopping at Red | Unite against COVID-19 (

Shopping and services at Orange | Unite against COVID-19 (

The same principles and rules apply for entering a store or business to return a recalled product as those for shopping there.

Where consumers have an issue with a faulty, unsafe or recalled product, businesses are still required to meet their obligations regardless of vaccination status and will need to find ways to do so. It may be reasonable for this process to take longer than usual.

Information on your rights and how to resolve general consumer issues with recalls:

Your Consumer rights - Product Safety recalls